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My Top Five Favorite Manga Speeches/Quotes

Being as I am a Manga nerd, though keeping it in hiding at school unless I got to my anime club, I thought I would post my top ten favorite manga quotes/speeches. Though some might be more enjoyable while reading the manga or while actually knowing what is going on in the story so I will give the name of the character, name of the manga, and chapter-pages to make sure you can check it out yourself ;)

Anyway that aside let's count down.

5. Blazer Drive Ch2 Pg35-36
"I'm not going to pick anymore stupid fights...but if it's a battle to protect something important...I'M WILLING TO RISK MY LIFE!!!" ~ Diachi

This isn't exactly anything new. Guy willing to risk life for friend/girlfriend, yeah, yeah we have heard it before. The way it was presented though was very well done in my own opinion and maybe even the quote that got me to love the manga so much.

4. Eyeshield 21 Ch264 Pg3
"Cry tears of joy because I came back one millimeter before I reached hell fucking caveman." ~ Hiruma

This quote it just so damn funny I had to put it up here. Hiruma is one of my favorite manga characters of all time and it's funny jokes like these is one of the reasons why.

3. 666_Satan Ch68 Pg20-21
“With every generation, the name of the inheritor has been inscribed on the belly of that sword. After dad, after Hawk’s name is…Kujaku, your name has been carved there. Because dad knew that it wasn’t mine, but your sword technique that had talent. He wanted you to be stronger, so he was harsh on you.” ~ Kirin

The moment I saw this I almost cried (make fun of me all you want). The fact that the two brothers were enemies because of this one purpose when in the end they shouldn't have been was really sad. The ending didn't sound good, but the picture it gave was pretty well done.

2. Death Note Ch107 Pg14-15
"You really are an amazing guy. I thought all humans completely believed in Heaven and Hell. That's right. As you say there's no heaven or hell. No matter what they do in life, those who die will go to the same place. All humans are equal in death." ~ Ryuk

This was a pretty shocking quote in my opinion. Now before you ask the ending of Death Note is different in the anime then it is in the manga so that is why it might not sound familiar. Anyway, let me continue, I don't believe in heaven in hell myself, but that is not why I like this quote, it is the last part of it that was put together so well, "All humans are equal in death." the quote along with the image of Ryuk was put together damn well.

1. Wolf Guy – Wolfen Crest Ch35 Pg15-20
"You sure are aceptin' of a wired transfer student to take the blunt of things, when all you were shittin' yourselves before. Bet you all thought you were safe; long as they amused themselves with me. The principal over there and your teachers are guilty of that most.

But I ain't gonna talk about that. What I am her to say IS HOW FUCKING CARRIED AWAY YOU ALL ARE! If they were beatin' you one-handed with metal bats right now, you'd fight back? If a wild beast were attackin' you'd scurry around in a pannic going' "Baaaaaah, Baaaah." You wouldn't fight back! You hear me?


I had to put this as number one for one good cause, power. In the manga bullies and gang members decide to mess with Akira, but because he is immortal they can't hurt him how they want to. Because of this the student want to use him as a symbol for the school kids to stand up to the bullies.

The huge shock was that Akira didn't agree with it one bit and felt the students were just being pussies. In other mangas an Akira character would actually help them out, but in this one he told them off for who they were, sheep who only can rely on others and it felt like what he said was so right no matter how bad it sounded saying that.

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Rating Mangas

Anyway I am going to try and start something where I talk about mangas that I either feel should get a little more attention or a famous manga that I just feel like talk about. I have wanted to do this for awhile, but never really felt like doing it so I am going to try and give it a shot. The first Manga I am going to do is going to be Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer.

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